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Enabling Unique
Guest Experiences

Providing guests with options and delivering what they want, where and when they want is more important than ever before. CruiseCompanion is the cruise industry’s most advanced guest experience platform delivering personalized experiences across multiple devices. CruiseCompanion consists of three layers:

  • CruiseCompanion Touchpoints enable a seamless guest experience across iTV, digital signage, mobile devices and kiosk systems
  • CruiseCompanion Control offers your staff maximum flexibility and control to manage all experiences
  • CruiseAPI provides a state-of-the-art API framework for easy integration

For your guests, CruiseCompanion is a digital traveling companion delivering unique experiences before, during and after their vacation. For your company, the pioneering platform supports flexible customization to your brand identity, personalization on guest level and integration of various content and data services. Build guest relationships for a lifetime, increase brand awareness and create additional revenues while realizing operational efficiencies. CruiseCompanion is an important asset of your future-proof technology strategy and supports your customer service goals.


  • 8 Cruise Lines
  • 119 Ships
  • 62,500+ Screens


Seamless Experiences

Across Multiple Devices


Maximum Flexibility
To Manage All Experiences


Seamless Experiences
Across Multiple Devices

The modern and intuitive digital experience is presented via a fully-customizable, HTML5 based user interface (UI) across various CruiseCompanion Touchpoints. Your guests will enjoy the benefits of easy and quick access, effortless convenience, outstanding customer service and the most personal, yet simple vacation experience that exceeds their every expectation. Your crew can consume work related material at their own time from any device or simply recharge energy from a busy day at work with a selection of entertainment content. The CruiseCompanion experience is available for the following Touchpoints:


Provide in-room access to a world of information, multimedia content and guest services via our market leading IPTV system. You can either leverage a smart TV or a set-top-box and benefit from our expertise in TV usability and video technology to redefine the in-room experience for guests and crew.


Extend the digital experience to public venues across the ship via (interactive) screens. Digital signage provides a fantastic opportunity to promote onboard venues and targeted offerings. From deals and daily specials, restaurant menus or daily activities to live weather data and interactive ship maps, CruiseCompanion Sign makes it easy to publish information from any source to any screen in a visually engaging format.

Guest Portal

Enhance the in-room experience by providing access to a guest portal via any web browser from guests’ own mobile devices (BYOD approach). Guests can now use their preferred device of choice to easily access itinerary information, make reservations or bookings, view their onboard account, listen to their favourite tunes and much more. Moreover, our iCafé solution CruiseConnect can be easily integrated into the Guest Portal. Find out more about CRUISECONNECT


Engage your guests anywhere and anytime through a customized mobile app with a true native user experience and extend the guest interaction pre- and post-cruise. Guests can use the app to obtain information about the ship, pre-book shore excursions or events, schedule service at spa, request housekeeping services, or watch a movie even at the pool. CruiseCompanion Mobile also features fleetwide support allowing brands and cruise lines to combine all ships into one mobile app, with access to individual services.


Offer an amenity that replaces traditional alarm clocks and all in-room print material while providing your guests with convenient access to a digital directory and guest services on in-room tablets. CruiseCompanion Nightstand is an easy-to-use, interactive companion that provides guests with an instant, direct line of communication to the hotel staff and concierge without the need to picking up a phone.

Virtual Concierge

Reduce waiting in lines and enable guests easy access to general information and services from any public space on board your ship. This interactive kiosk solution offers guests a convenient alternative resource to your busy onboard staff for booking a tour, making a restaurant reservation, accessing latest flight information, printing airline boarding passes, or placing a transportation request.



Guest Portal



Virtual Concierge

Feature Overview

Guest Features at a Glance


  • Header Bar
  • Welcome Page
  • Safety Video
  • Dashboard & Off-Canvas Menu
  • My Profile
  • Multi Language
  • General Alarm
  • Advertising & Promotions


  • Information Pages
  • Daily Planner
  • My Calendar
  • Daily News
  • Itinerary & Weather
  • Sea Map


  • Live TV
  • Video on Demand
  • Parental Control
  • Audio on Demand
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Games

Guest Services

  • Guest Account (Folio)
  • Service Requests
  • Shore Excursion Booking
  • Entertainment / Activity Booking
  • Spa & Wellness Booking
  • Room Service
  • Restaurant Info & Reservation
  • Feedback
  • CruiseConnect (Internet)


Maximum Flexibility
To Manage All Experiences

CruiseCompanion Control is a holistic suite of web-based tools that empowers your onshore staff and onboard crew to flexibly manage content, applications, and devices across all screens from one central interface in real-time. The easy-to-use operational management tools provide an unprecedented level of control and the opportunity to customize experiences to your everyday needs, even fleetwide. Eliminating time-consuming manual efforts will free up your crew so they have more time to take care of your guests.

Device Inventory and Management

  • Easy inventory of new or management of existing devices such as Smart TVs or STBs
  • Individual configurations and content per group or device
  • Unique abstraction layer for native device control functions

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Flexible management of navigation, templates, texts, images, videos, PDFs and much more
  • Content refresh from ship or shore
  • Automatic content import from various third-party systems
  • No redundant content management through integration with existing CMS

Fleet Management (Cloud)

  • Organization and management of ships in groups (fleet, brand) right from your office
  • Execution of actions to one single ship or the entire fleet
  • Deployment of firmware updates over the air
  • Management of new releases according to operational needs

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Remote monitoring and controlling of devices in real-time with instant status information on performance and usage
  • Proactive issue identification and localization before they become problems
  • Support optimization using the snapshot feature allowing your crew to remotely see what guests see
  • Integration into third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios or Icinga

Screen and Broadcast Manager

  • Creation and management of customized video channels (multicast streams) across digital signage and stateroom TVs shipwide
  • Flexible combination of sources such as live TV channels, camera streams, music overlay, or any video material
  • User-friendly scheduler (timeline view) to setup channels and playlists
  • Process optimization through the automatic import of recorded live events into the video library after the event is finished

Statistics and Reporting

  • Invaluable statistics and metrics about system usage and guest behavior
  • Customizable dashboard views that update in real time
  • Individual report configurations
  • Various export functions and integration into existing reporting tools
  • Facilitation of data-driven decisions to personalize your service, tailor your offerings and optimize your processes


Fast and easy

CruiseCompanion is designed with an open architecture and software ecosystem to support easy customization and flawless integration into devices, applications and services you leverage today, as well as new ones you will use tomorrow. CruiseCompanion leverages our unique CruiseAPI, which provides a state-of-the-art open API framework and already comes with a variety of integrations to widely used industry systems and services.


Our integration points

  • Property Management System
  • Itinerary
  • Shore Excursions
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Activities & Events
  • Service Requests
  • Video & Audio
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Travel Guides & POIs
  • News Feeds
  • Content Management System
  • Sea Map & NMEA
  • Weather
  • ShipTime
  • General Alarm & Public Announcements
  • Smart TVs & STBs
  • Room Controls
  • JSON & XML

A comprehensive overview of
our integration partners can be found here.



CruiseCompanion enables unparalleled benefits to your cruise line, while far exceeding your guests’ expectations by providing a truly personalized experience. The superior technology platform drives next generation entertainment, interactive guest service experiences and stands out from other systems by delivering the following added values:


Create a consistent and fully customized brand experience


Generate additional revenues and reduce costs


Build guest loyalty and optimize processes at the same time


Learn more about your guests to drive outstanding service


Benefit from an unprecedented level of control and increase guest engagement

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