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Getslash is a well-established, international technology company offering high-quality products and professional IT services tailored to the cruise industry. Our modular and highly customizable product portfolio focuses on a holistic guest experience, providing guests with a seamless and personalized experience on cruise ships. From our innovative guest experience platform across TVs, digital signage and mobile devices, to fully manageable internet access (captive portal), intelligent in-room automation, unified communication and our universal integration API, we cover the entire range of guest- and crew-facing solutions.

We combine a customer-centric culture and a hands-on mentality with a proven track record of achieving results that go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our interdisciplinary team of cruise industry experts has successfully implemented more than 150 projects at more than ten cruise lines. Our customers already appreciate our reliability and commitment while benefiting from our flexible products and excellent post-installation support. With more than 30 employees at our headquarters in Oelde and further offices in Hamburg and Mannheim, our company has been on a continuous growth course since 2007.


  • 2007 Founded
  • 3 Offices
  • 30+ Getslash Crew
  • 150+ Projects

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to lead the way to the future of unique guest experiences, enriching cruise vacations around the world as the industries’ most customer-centric and flexible technology company.


We strive to make a significant contribution to the cruise industry by creating and delivering innovative technology products that enable unique guest experiences and advance our customer‘s profitability and service goals.

Company Culture


At Getslash we live by our values, which define us as a trustworthy, professional and authentic company. They are a compass for our performance and the stories we tell when asked about our business. Focusing entirely on the cruise industry, we are committed to the very best standards and are guided by the following values:


Our customers’ wishes and needs are always at the center of our activities. We think everything we do from a customer perspective because we believe that offering a personalized service is the best foundation for sustainable growth. Our goal is to build strategic, long-term partnerships based on quality, transparency, fairness and trust. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and be rewarded with a smile. This dedication spurs us to go “above and beyond” on our customers’ behalf.

Quality & Innovation

We are committed to high quality standards in everything we do. That’s why we ensure that the quality of our products, in our projects and during our service is paramount. We are firm believers that highest quality always prevails.

We promote constant innovation and love big challenges, as well as continuous everyday improvements. Our team works hard to minimize complexity and to create new ideas that delight our customers. Combining high quality with an innovative spirit helps us to continuously stay one step ahead of our competition.

Flexibility & Hands-on Mentality

As a modern, forward-thinking company flexibility is part of our DNA. This empowers us to easily adapt to future trends and needs. Our team benefits from a better work-life balance and improved productivity resulting in a motivation boost.

Whatever the challenge, we seek ways to tackle it creatively and to discover practical solutions to complex problems. Unmatched flexibility in our products allows tailor-made customization to individual needs, while our dynamic project and support approaches qualify us to achieve better results faster.

Know-how & Curiosity

We embrace lifelong learning and are curious about our market and customers. Many years of collaboration have enabled us to gain extensive experience and profound knowledge about technology and the cruise industry. Combined with a highly professional work ethic, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Commitment & Passion

For us, commitment is about being dedicated to everything we do. We are empowered by a great employer, smart colleagues, pioneering technology, a fun industry and amazing customers to work with. We demonstrate a high level of commitment and are motivated to go the extra mile. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence and care intensely about Getslash‘s success. Ultimately, we love what we do and are passionate about engineering guest experiences that amaze.

People & Collaboration

Our company is characterized by a family atmosphere. One key to our success lies in attracting and retaining some of the most talented people to solve problems and provide an edge for our customers. Performing well as a team creates a strong, productive working culture. We believe communication, coherence and trust are the main ingredients to our success in building teamwork at all levels, empowering our team and customers to reach important goals, together.

Integrity & Accountability

We are accountable for all our actions and results, successes and failures. The highest level of customer service is impossible to achieve without a high degree of accountability and a willingness to be direct, open and honest.

Integrity and reliability are the cornerstones of our credibility. We build trust by listening, following through and delivering on our promises. That’s why our customers rely on us.

Word of Mouth


Instead of listing countless USPs we prefer to let our work and reputation speak for itself. We encourage you to get in touch with one of our customers to find out more about how we work, what value our products actually deliver and what sets us apart from other providers in the industry.

Get in touch with us so we can share references or organize a look-touch-feel demonstration of our products.

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